Me vs. The Gunslinger

It all happened kind of fast. I was in the movie theater with my boyfriend, watching commercials and waiting for the movie to begin. And so appeared the trailer for “The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger.” Oh. My. Lord. Matthew McConaughey. Idris Elba. Fantasy. Dark magic. Oh yes. Please, yes. Then it took about 17... Continue Reading →


“All I Ever Wanted” is almost what I wanted

I’ve never been so mad while reading a book by Lucy Dillon, nor have I ever cried so little. But “All I Ever Wanted” is still magical. When I ventured into the bookstore I already knew what I wanted: Lucy Dillon. She’s my ultimate go-to when it comes to cute and calm books. If you... Continue Reading →

A brick wall à la Bridget Jones

I’m a sucker for chick lit. I love the dramatic characters, the gooey romantic gestures and the simple yet charming stories. If it contains some humor as well, I easily finish the book in a day. (Two, if I need to pretend to have a life that particular day.) But earlier this year I found... Continue Reading →

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