I really tried liking Fortnite

I'm so mad. So incredibly mad. Like, network-lag-getting spawn-camped-stubbing-your-toe-against-the-edge-of-furniture-mad. If I think about it, this game might make my top three of my list of games that makes me the most mad. My list of games that makes me the most mad: 1. Call of Duty. Any CoD-game. I love them, but they make me... Continue Reading →


Five things in PUBG you might not know exists

I consume a lot of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. But the other day I came across two items I’ve never noticed before, despite my staggering amount of hours invested in the game. So I decided to list five things you might’ve missed exists in the game. 15x scope I sat in the sofa, half watching Break on... Continue Reading →

Twitter reacts to Doomfist

Yesterday Blizzard surprised everyone by releasing Doomfist onto the PTR. This resulted in my Twitter completely exploding in first impressions by professional players, casters, streamers and content creators. Here's what some of them said. https://twitter.com/PlayOverwatch/status/883009492782260225 Here's the official "announcement" by the Overwatch crew, with an insanely good little video. https://twitter.com/Mickie_PP/status/883015569821245440 https://twitter.com/MonteCristo/status/883016182411911168 Caster Monte is looking... Continue Reading →

Keep up with the upstart of PUBG’s community

Forget H1Z1, Arma and DayZ. (If you haven’t already.) Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the current it-game when it comes to battle royales. Pro players from other games, streamers and other content creators come wandering over to the alluring oasis that is PUBG. The game has potential to become a good esport, and if you want to... Continue Reading →

Some tips on neat Overwatch streamers

If you need some sweet Overwatch tips and/or inspiration, some hectic entertainment or just need something to help pass the time: I will now list a few Overwatch streamers that are worth checking out. First off, there’s nothing wrong with going for some of the big streamers. For example, Seagull is a… Well he has... Continue Reading →

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